Duo Dalùna

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“Soon everyone had heard the tales, and even the gods looked up to her – for her music alone had made possible what all their talents combined could not: create lasting peace, harmony, and unity.” Viscount Élinn Grescott: The Aftermath of the Wars of Ascension 

Duo Dalùna takes its name from Dalùna Enariel, the Goddess of Music in the fantasy universe of The Chronicles of the Phoenix by Remy Burnens. In the lore, the legendary elven bard is said to have travelled all across the Seven Kingdoms, bringing joy and unity through her music. Everywhere she performed she healed the souls and spirits of the people who had suffered in a time of hardship and uncertainty.

Clémence Hirt and Remy Burnens work together since 2018. In spring 2021 the label Prospero Classical will release their first album « A Song in the Wood » which contains english songs from the early 20th century. They recieved the 3rd prize at the first edition of the International Lied competition « Bolko von Hochberg » in Görlitz in 2022.

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